Dr. Dipanshu Kr. Vishwas

M.Sc., Ph. D.
H.O.D., & Assistant Professor

Specialization: Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

Research Interest: Phytomelatonin and its impact on immune system & health

Selected publications:

1. Pandey SK, Haldar C, Vishwas DK, Maiti P (2015). Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of melatonin entrapped PLA nanoparticles: An oxidative stress and T-cell response using golden hamster. J Biomed Mater Res Part A. 00A:000–000.
2. Vishwas DK and Haldar C (2014). MT1 receptor expression and AA-NAT activity in lymphatic tissue following melatonin administration in male golden hamster. Internat Immunopharmacol. 22: 258-265.
3. Vishwas DK, Mukherjee A and Haldar C (2013). Melatonin improves humoral and cell-mediated immune responses of male golden hamster following stress induced by dexamethasone. J Neuroimmunol. 259; 17-25.
4. Vishwas DK and Haldar C (2013). Photoperiodic induced melatonin regulates immunity and expression pattern of melatonin receptor MT1 in spleen and bone marrow mononuclear cells of male golden hamster. J Photochem and Photobiol. B: Biol. 128:107-114.
5. Vishwas DK, Mukherjee A, Haldar C, Dash D and Nayak MK (2012). Improvement of oxidative stress and immunity by melatonin: An age dependent study in golden hamster. Exp Gerontol. 48; 168-182.