Teaching Staff

Dr. Shubhendu Bikash Patra

  • M.Sc., Ph.D.
  • H.O.D and Assistant Professor
  • Entomology

  • subhendubp@gmail.com

Dr. Sandipan Gupta

  • M.Sc., Ph.D., Post-Doc.
  • Assistant Professor
  • Fish Biology, Fish Diversity, Indigenous Ornamental Fish

  • sandipangupta2007@gmail.com

• Qualified and well experienced faculty.
• Publication of Post-doctoral and MinorResearch project work by the faculties
in National and International Journals.
• Well-equipped Laboratory.
• Fish Museum with huge collection diverse fish fauna.
• Enriched Departmental Library for the students and teachers.
• Being situated by the side of a large Water body, the Bon Hooghly jheel, students get enough facility to gain field experience on different aspects of Fishery.
• Regular visit to Fish farms, Fish landing centers, Processing and preservation Farms and Research Institutes as a part of educational excursion.
• On- Job- Training facility for the final year students at Govt., Private Fish Farms, ICAR Aquaculture Divisions, Fish Processing and preservation Farms.
• Imparting knowledge of Fish breeding technique for the Edible and Ornamental fishes.
• Regular Class test and Parent teacher meet.

Final year students of the department of Industrial Fish and Fisheries Major have to undertake on-job training at different Central and State Government departments and Institute such as ICAR, KVK. This training is self-financed.

• Expansion of the Department.
• Enlisting local fish fauna as a part of fish biodiversity study.
• Conservation of endangered fish species by ranching program.
• Establishment of Cat fish and Ornamental fish breeding unit.