Undergraduate Honours Course in Science

For B.A./B.Sc. Honours course of studies a candidate is required to choose his/her honours in a discipline and two other disciplines for Generic Elective Course from among the following options . One Generic Elective subject has to be chosen for Semester I and II and another Generic Elective subject for Semester III and IV .

Core Subject Generic Elective Subjects
  Semester   Subjects
  I & II   Mathematics
  III & IV   Chemistry/Computer Science/Statistics
  I & II   Physics
  III & IV   Chemistry/Computer Science/Statistics
  I & II   Mathematics/Molecular Biology/Computer Science
  III & IV   Physics
  I & II   Chemistry/ Molecular Biology
  III & IV   Zoology
  I & II   Chemistry/ Molecular Biology
  III & IV   Botany
  I & II   Mathematics/ Computer Science/ Journalism & Mass Communication/Statistics
  III & IV   Statistics/Political Science/Sanskrit/Computer Science
Industrial Fish and Fisheries
  I & II   Zoology/Botany
  III & IV   Chemistry/Molecular Biology