Dr. Swapan Mandal

M.Sc., Ph. D.
Assistant Professor

Specialization: Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding

Research Interest: Micropropagation of Orchids

Selected publications:

1. Mandal S (2016).The nutritional health factors of cashewnut (A.occidentale). Int.j.exp.res.rev. 7:18_20
2. Mandal S (2016). Phytochemical analysis of groundnut (A hypogea) .Int.j.exp.resrev. 6:35_38
3. Mandal S and Ghosh P. (2016). Study of stigma receptivity in 5 promisi g germplasms of cashewnut (A occidentale) in jhargram, WB.lndian Biologist. 48_1.pp 13-14. 2016.