Teaching Staff

Smt Saswati Chowdhury

  • MA, B.Ed
  • H.O.D and Assistant Professor
  • Dharmaśāstra, Arthaśāstra and Epigraphy

  • saswatipiu@gmail.com

Dr Swatilekha Poddar

  • M.A.
  • Assistant Professor
  • Veda

  • swatilekha14@gmail.com

•Honours courses has been introduced from the session 2016-17
• All the faculty positions are filled up.
• Student- teacher relationship is cordial.
•Student’s active participation in every event.
•The main challenge in teaching Sanskrit is to make it a communicative language as ENGLISH, BENGALI or HINDI.

Swatilekha Poddar is engaged in research activity, Area-Vedic Studies. In future Manuscriptology will be another research area.

Departmental faculties are attending faculty enrichment programme to improve the department.

Other information- In future the department wishes to arrange Sanskrit (spoken) workshop, student seminar.