a B.K.C.College, Kolkata

Dr. Sangita Gangopadhyay

M.Sc., M. Phil., Ph.D.
PG Co-Ordinator & Associate Professor

Specialization: Plant Physiology & Biochemistry

Research Interest: Understanding the interplay of osmoregulatory genes regulating salt tolerance in rice

Selected publications:

1. Gangopadhyay et al., (2009). Agrobacteriummediated genetic transformation of pineapple var. Queen using a novel encapsulation based antibiotic selection technique. Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture 97: 295-302.
2. Gangopadhyay et al., (2004). Luffa sponge – a unique matrixfor tissue culture of Philodendron. Current Science 86(2): 315-319.
3. Gangopadhyay et al., (2002). Salt tolerance in rice in vitro: Implication of accumulation of Na+, K+ and proline. Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture 69(1): 5564.
4. Gangopadhyay et al., (1997). Plant regeneration of salt adapted callus of indica rice (var. Basmati 370) in saline conditions. Plant Cell Tissue and Organ Culture 50:153-159.

Monographs/Books/Chapters Published in Books

1. Bioinformatics in relation to Plant Biotechnology published in Plant Tissue Culture: Totipotency to Transgenic. (Eds. Sharma, H.P., Dogra, J.V.V. and Misra, A. N.), AGROBIOS, India, 419-430 (ISSN: 81775-44675).
2. Role of biotechnology in the improvement of bioactive compound with special reference to the medicinal plants published in Recent trends in Spices and Medicinal Plants Research (Ed. De, A.K.), Associated Publishing Co, New Delhi, India, 106 –121 (ISSN: 81-8521142-7).