Dr. Papia Chakraborti

M.Sc., Ph. D.
Principal , Ex-Faculty of the Department of Botany.

Specialization: Cell Biology, Genetics and Molecular Biology

Research Interest: Study of Phycodiversity, Algal Bio resource Conservation and its sustainable utilization

Selected publications:

1. An unedited 1.1 kb mitochondrial orfB gene transcript in the Wild Abortive Cytoplasmic Male Sterility (WA-CMS) system of Oryza sativa L. subsp. indica. BMC Plant Biology (2010), 10:39.
2. Estimation of genetic variability of Vigna radiata cultivars by RAPD analysis. BIOLOGIA PLANTARUM (2004), 48 (2): 205-209.

Monographs/Books/Chapters Published in Books

1. Chapter on ‘ROUNDUP READY Herbicide tolerant GM crops and their Environmental Aspects’ in the book Current Perspectives in Natural Resource Management (Sub-theme – Biodiversity Resources) Progressive Publishers, India (2014). Pg. 117-123, ISBN : 978-81-8064-207-4.
2. Chapter on ‘BIO-FUEL- The Future Source of Renewable Energy’ in the book “Current Perspectives in Natural Resource Management” (Sub- theme – Energy resources & Climate Change) Progressive Publishers, India (2014). Pg. 225-229, ISBN : 978-81-8064-207-4.