Dr. Kartik Kumar Nandi

M.Sc., B. Ed., Ph. D.
H.O.D. & Associate Professor.

Specialization: Organic Chemistry

Research Interest: Green Chemistry

Selected publications:

1. Sustainable Catalyst for Friedel–Crafts Acylation
K. K. Nandi, Catalysis in Green Chemistry and Engineering, ISSN Print: 2572-9896; DOI: 10.1615/.2018021112.
2. K. Dey, K. K. Nandi and G.B. Kauffman; Polyhedron, 13(1994) 2049. 3. K. Dey and K. K. Nandi; Synth. React. Inorg . Met . Org . Chem., 29(3), (1999) 419.

Principal Investigator - UGC-Projects: Completed -03; Ongoing: 01 Delivered Invited Lectures in National Seminars -03; Reviewer: Indian Journal of Chemistry, Sec-B:[NISCAIR] ; Supervised: M. Sc. Projects [WBSU]: 07