General Feedback from College Students

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Explicit Curriculum
  1. Teacher is prepared for class
  1. Teacher knows his/her subjects
  1. Teacher is organized and clean
  1. Teacher plans class time and assignments that help students to problem slove and think critically. Teachers provides activities that make subject matter meaningful
  1. Teacher is flexible in accommodating for indiviual student needs
  1. Teacher is clear in giving direction and on explaining what is expected on assignments and tests.
  1. Teacher allows you to be active in classroom learning enviroments
  1. Teacher manages the time well
  1. Teacher return homework is timely manner
  1. Teacher has clear classroom procedures so students don't waste time
  1. Teacher grades fairly
  1. I have learned a lot from this Teacher about the subject
  1. Teacher gives me good feedback on homework and projects so that I can improve
  1. Teacher is creative in developing activities and lessons
  1. Teacher encourages students to speak up and be active in the class
Explicit Curriculum
  1. Teacher follows through on what he/she says. You can count on the teacher's word
  1. Teacher listens and understands students' point of view; he or she may not agree, but students feel understood
  1. Teacher respects the opinions and decisions of the students
  1. Teacher is willing to accept the responsibility for his/her mistakes
  1. Teacher is willing to learn from students
  1. Teacher is sensitive to the needs of the students
  1. Teacher's word and action match
  1. Teacher is fun to be with
  1. Teacher likes and respect the students
  1. Teacher helps you when you ask for help
  1. Teacher is consisted and fair in discipline
  1. I trust this Teacher
  1. Teacher tries to model what teacher expects from students
  1. Teacher is fair and firm in discipline without being to strict
Part C
  1. What is one thing that your Teacher do it well
  1. What is one thing that your can suggest to help this teacher improve
  1. Thank you for taking the time to think through the items carefully and write down your thoughts honestly