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Life Skills – Social & Emotional- Part A
  1. 1. Who do you love the most in your family? Why?
  2. 2. Who inspires you the most? Why?
  3. 3. What do you like of yourself?
  4. 4. What do you hate of yourself?
  5. 5. Which IT equipment and gadgets can you use?
  6. 6. Which activity in college like Festivals, Environment Day, Seminar, Quiz, etc. do you like the most?
  7. 7. What are you favourite subjects?
  8. 8. How can you help your college?
  9. 9. What is your aim in life?
  10. 10. How do you want to serve the society?
Life Skills - Part B
  1. Do you actively listen & pay attention to others point of view?
  2. Do you help fellow mates in case of difficulties in academic and personal issues?
  3. Are you sensitive to the needs of differently-abled students?
  4. Can you manage scholastics, Co-scholastics and personal challenges?
  5. Are you curious about latest scientific developments?
Values and Ethics
  1. A. Attitude towards teachers
    Do you show decency and courtesy to teachers inside and outside the classroom?
  2. Are you positive about learning your subject?
  3. Do you take suggestion and criticism in the right spirit?
  4. Do you communicate your thought with teachers?
  5. Are you helpful to the teachers?
  6. B. Attitude towards fellow mates
    Are you friendly with your classmates?
  7. Do you express ideas and opinions freely in a group?
  8. Do you treat classmates as equals without any sense of superiority or inferiority?
  9. Do you respect opposite gender and are comfortable in their company?
  10. Do you show aggressiveness towards your peers?
  11. C. Attitude towards college
    Do you participate in college activities?
  12. Do you shoulder responsibility happily?
  13. Do you confront one who criticizes college in college programme?
  14. Do you prevent others from destroying property?
  15. Do you come up with new idea for college development? rs?
  16. D. Attitude towards environment
    Are you aware of environmental degradation?
  17. Do you actively take part in Eco club programme?
  18. Do you actively take part in spreading awareness in public?
  19. Do you take active interest in maintaining the flora and fauna of the campus?
  20. Do you maintain and take care of the cleanliness of your class room?
  21. E. Attitude towards Community
    Do you respect Indian diversity?
  22. Do you actively participate in celebration of Republic Day and Independence Day?
  23. Do you understand the meaning of Tricolor and Ashok Chakra of our National Flag?
  24. Do you actively participate in Community Development Program ?
  25. Are you helpful towards the disadvantaged section of the society?